CONSERVATIVES in Hexham have outlined their vision for the town ahead of this week’s county council elections.

Coun. Trevor Cessford and Coun. Cath Homer, for Hexham Central with Acomb and Hexham East respectively, have vowed to continue to invest in Hexham should they be successful in gaining people’s votes.

The councillors will hope to be joined on the county council by fellow Tory Liam Panesh, a member of Hexham Town Council, who is vying for the Hexham West seat currently occupied by independent Derek Kennedy.

In a statement, the Hexham Tories said: “For years the west of our beautiful county got little investment from the previous Labour and Lib Dems administrations at County Hall. The last four years have changed that and the levelling up has begun. Now the investment is there to be seen, but this is just the start.

“Four years is not enough to reverse years of neglect, years of seeing the money that we all pay in council tax going to the south east of the county.

“Look at the money that is now being put into our town. For example, £36.1m in to new schools in Hexham alone. Also the £7.4m which has been allocated to Hexham for its town centre recovery.

“There is also the £100m investment for our roads, which will increase to £120m in the next term, to gradually bring our roads up to as good a standard as they can be.

“The structure for improvement is now in place despite constant sniping and bickering from those who have repeatedly failed our area year on year.

“Vote for Cath, Trevor and Liam to represent Hexham on the County Council and for all our Conservative candidates for the town council to give strong positive voices for our wonderful town.”