Father Christopher Warren, St Mary’s RC Church, comments on John 15 v 9 - 17:

‘Greater love has no one, than to lay down his life for his friends’

These words spoken by Jesus in our Sunday Gospel resonate down through history in the witness of those who have spent their lives in service of others.

The world is made a better, brighter, more human place when animated by self-sacrificing concern men and women set themselves to love.

We may see many expressions of love set before us on television, in literature and cinema; however, Jesus reminds us that real love must involve sacrifice.

The invitation Jesus makes to us, he first models in his own suffering and death.

Jesus’ love is a gift for others and when we seek that gift it calls us to serve and find the true meaning and beauty of our own life.

When we reach out to the poor, the sick and unloved, when we care for the orphan and the widow, we touch the risen body of Jesus and share in the joy of his saving mission. It does involve struggle and sometimes pain too; however, the mystery of the Cross always promises new life and is fruitful.

May we seek to serve and love; may we like Jesus not count the cost but respond to the call of our brothers and sisters in their needs with courage and generosity.

We can make the world a better place.