A HAIR salon is using a number of unique and ethical ways to appeal to customers.

Ascend Hair in Prudhoe is using several new products to help clients relax and enjoy their experience while in the business, with an emphasis on the unique products they use – promoting a more ethical and sustainable ethos.

“I worked in business development and education for 15 years then made the decision in 2019 to put that experience to use in my own business,” said salon owner Drew Scott.

“I made the decision to open my salon and after looking at locations, I decided to open in Prudhoe on Front Street which was basically perfect for everything I was looking for.”

You might be able to find hair salons in every town or city, but in the case of Ascend, the products they use are different to most.

“I wanted to create something a little bit different where it (the business) was focusing on the client and creating a relaxing environment – not focusing on the financial aspect, but the service for the client and the full experience they receive,”added Drew.

“I opened in June 2019 and went from having a very small client base – I’d only been practically doing hairdressing part-time – and since then we’ve managed to build up the business massively.

“I think it only took three months to get a full working column. It was down to the local community and people having faith in my work.

“It’s been fantastic and the local community has been supportive.”

As well as support from customers, another way the salon has been able to grow is through the products they use on a daily basis.

“My main ethos for the salon is to source unique brands and use brands that use a more ethical and sustainable ethos; for example vegan, cruelty free and organic based,” explained Drew.

“The two product lines I use called Insight and NineYards both are (this).

“The world we live in at the moment is ever changing and so are clients needs, so I thought it would be better to go down a more ethical and sustainable route with the practical things I use in the salon like biodegradable disposable towels and all my salon waste is recycled.

“I do a lot of hair extensions as well and am part of a scheme where I send them off and they’re recycled to make ocean mats that are used to filter waste from the ocean.”

This idea of doing things differently is also appealing to new customers.

“We had a client two weeks ago who saw I used a vegan colour line and straight away she booked in for a colour appointment because it was something she hadn’t seen others use,” said Drew.

“Pre and post Covid, my team has grown.

“Joanne runs Divine Beauty from the salon and she shares the same beliefs. She uses niche brands.

“I have an apprentice stylist called Tom and Heather who is a hair extension specialist.”