A POPULAR Tynedale pub has been receiving painted stones from a mystery artist.

The Crown Inn at Humshaugh, which hosts events such as Supercar Sunday and Microcar and three-wheeler day, has received more than 20 stones featuring depictions of prestigious car badges and famous racers.

The most recent badges left by person the pub refers to as the ‘Humshaugh Banksy’ on their Facebook page include TVR, MG and Suzuki.

These add to an impressive collection of stone badges including Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin.

David Harding, landlord of the Crown Inn, said: “We got the first stone during this last lockdown.

“It was probably about November time. We haven’t got a clue who it is!

“It’s actually quite frustrating working it out, because a couple of times the stones have been left when I’ve been here. David is the organiser of several motoring events in the region, which at least explains the car badge connection!