A LOYAL punter of a Tyne Valley pub has been gifted a smartphone after a misunderstanding of government Covid guidelines.

David Walters (78) is to receive a complimentary iPhone from a company which specialises in smartphones for elderly people.

It comes after it was reported by The Telegraph that the pensioner had been denied service at The Angel of Corbridge for not being able to order a drink via an app and to submit NHS Test and Trace details. Charity Age UK has warned older drinkers risk discrimination as seven in 10 over 70s in the UK do not have access to modern technology.

Managing director of the popular pub Kevin Laing publicly apologised and the pair have since enjoyed a socially-distanced pint together.

In a social media post, the pub said: “Kevin personally knocked on Mr Walters’ door and apologised for what happened and invited him to have some pints on the house.

“David has also emailed us an explanation of the occurred and we want to share it with you: “Dear Kevin, I am mortified to find that my article was misrepresented. My argument was not with you, or The Angel, it was with the silly instructions from the Government.

“I have always enjoyed your company and, of course, the many happy hours spent at The Angel. I shall continue to visit and I am so glad that the misunderstanding has been cleared up.

“I am looking forward to normality and I have enjoyed my beers in the sunshine today. Many thanks.”

The post added: “We are very happy that this matter has been clarified with David and we hope our followers and customers also accept this explanation and apology. Cheers!”

The Telegraph reported that David had described non-verbal ordering at pubs and restaurants as “ageist.” The Angel has since amended its policy and is accepting card payments.

Kevin said: “It was a misunderstanding. The people of Corbridge, Hexham and the surrounding counties, they know that’s not us. They’ve been supportive.

“When I knocked on his (David’s) door, he was just gobsmacked. I’ve known David for 10 years. You can see from the picture he’s happy with his pint!”

During lockdown, the pub and hotel offered Charlotte Straker careworkers its bedrooms over Christmas.