A POPULAR sci-fi museum is getting ready to welcome back visitors ahead of a planned re-opening next month.

Neil Cole’s Adventures in Science Fiction: Museum of Sci-fi in Allendale is one of the most popular attractions for fans of TV programs such as Doctor Who and the Marvel film franchise, and he has spent the last few months revamping the location with new exhibits.

“I’ve overhauled the museum,” said Neil.

“We have lots of new things for people to see.

“One of the BBC’s visual effects team who’s worked on Doctor Who – both the old and new show – and is a BAFTA award winning effects artist called Mike Tucker contacted me out of the blue and asked if I’d like the only surviving Zygon from the original series of Doctor Who.

“There’s only been three made and one left. It had been on display in the Cardiff Doctor Who display and because of the pandemic he had to downsize where he was.

“It was just going to be in storage so he asked me if I’d like it on a kind of long term loan.

“I was just like ‘wow’ – it was made by a Oscar winner called James Acheson and it’s a real standout piece.

“They were remade for the new show and its a great coup for the museum.

“To have Mike Tucker contact the museum out of the blue is really exiting for me.”

As well as Doctor Who memorabilia, Neil has also added new items from Marvel films including a new helmet from Guardians of the Galaxy and a costume of Madame Hydra from the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D series.

A set of rare Doctor Who scripts dating back from the 1960s have also been donated to the museum recently.