Firefighters from a station in the North Pennines are gearing up to carry some of their large equipment several miles as part of a nationwide campaign.

Members from Allendale Community Fire Station are set to carry one of their large generators over three miles from the station itself up to the former lead smelting flue chimneys on the fells above the town.

“The original idea is the firefighters charity and Typhoo Tea teaming up to together to help communities engage with each other following the pandemic and to help people who have struggled with loneliness and isolation and are looking for somebody else to talk to,” said Dave Stevenson, who is the firefighters’ charity representative at Allendale.

“At Allendale, we’re doing it slightly differently with the equipment carry from the station on May 1 where we’ll carry a generator over three miles up to the chimneys area.

“The chimneys are quite a landmark around here – so we’re walking up there as they’re a public area.

“We’ll be up there with some representatives from the firefighters charity and possibly someone from Typhoo.

“There will be some cups of tea on the go and everyone can come up and have a natter really and engage with each other as long as social distancing is observed.

Dave went on to explain that the challenge could also turn into a bit of a competition amongst the fire service.

“The chief officers are hopefully involved too,” he said.

“They’re planning on coming out and making their own team and competing against us in a bit of a race to the top.

“Hopefully they don’t beat us!”

As well as raising awareness for the charity and also trying to help people in the local area connect with others following the lockdowns over the last year, Dave went on to explain another reason why the firefighters chose to walk with their equipment.

“Later in the year there will be some of us who are going to do the three peaks challenge,” he said.

“We’re mixing Brew with a Crew with an exercise for us ahead of the three peaks challenge.

“It will also help break the isolation routine of people as well as hopefully getting awareness of what we’re planning to do in September too.”

More information about Brew With A Crew, along with information about how you can get involved, is available at