IT is hoped the modern shop front of a town takeaway will become more ‘traditional’.

Oven and Grill, based on Battle Hill in Hexham, wants to change the look of its shop to fit in more with the historic street on which it is based.

The building to the takeaway is a Grade II listed commercial property, but has a modern shop front which, the application states, ‘is not in keeping with either its original historic shop front of those of the surrounding area’.

In addition, the building is in a state of disrepair which impacts the appearance of the Hexham Conservation Area, in which the shop is located.

The application states: “This application responds to the Hexham High Streets Heritage Action Zone initiative to secure lasting improvement to historic high streets.

“It is proposed that the modern shop front is removed and replaced with a traditional alternative which is in keeping with local character, as set out in in line with the advice described in the ‘Hexham Shop Front Design Guide’.

“Essential repairs to the Battle Hill front elevation are also proposed to ensure the longevity of the building for future generations.”

The list of proposed alterations and repairs are as follows:

l Replacement of the modern shop front and signage with a traditional shopfront to better suit the Conservation Area;

l Replacing the rotten timber lintels above the shopfront with steel beams to preserve the building’s structural integrity;

l Repairing the damaged cast iron rainwater goods to prevent further water damage to the building;

l Replacing the passageway door with a door that is more in keeping with the historic nature of the building;

l Re-pointing the brickwork to replace existing loose mortar to allow effective water shedding;

l Removing the existing flaking masonry paint and re-painting to improve the appearance of the street elevation;

l Overhauling the existing traditional first and second floor sliding sash windows to allow their continued use.

l Replacing slipped and missing slates to the roof to ensure weathertightness is maintained;

l Re-building the upper courses of the chimney stack and replacing the aluminium flue vents.