AHEAD of the upcoming local elections, a prospective Labour candidate has outlined his ambitions for a Tyne Valley ward.

Jonathan Wheeler will stand for Prudhoe South in the Northumberland County Council elections on May 6.

“Throughout my working life, I have always made it a priority to help others with their issues, no matter how big or small, and I want to bring this dedication to the residents of Prudhoe South”, he said.

“I have stood because, as a resident of Prudhoe, I can see what problems need dealing with as well as the potential we have, and I want the opportunity to make our town a better place to live for all of us.

“I am proud to be standing on a fantastic Labour Party manifesto whose priorities I share: one that pledges to strengthen services decimated by years of Conservative austerity politics, one that understands how valuable our care workers are and pledges to work with the sector to ensure they are paid a decent wage, one that understands that the most important challenge we have at any level of politics right now is the fight against climate change, and will put the environment at the heart of every decision.”

Jonathan said, if elected, he would seek greater investment and jobs for the town, consulting residents and businesses to fit their needs.

Also high on his priorities was the town’s green spaces which he said he would be a voice for to ensure they are well looked after. He would also look to continue and increase his support to local voluntary groups - ‘the lifeblood of our community’ - including St Mary Magdalene cemetery regeneration project and Friends of Prudhoe Woods.

Jonathan added: “The pandemic has hit all communities hard, and I want to see us come out the other side stronger.”

As a vaccine volunteer, he hopes for more collaboration between businesses and voluntary groups as the roll out continues and communities bounce back.