A town in the Tyne Valley has been named amongst Britain’s most eccentric locations in a list published by a national newspaper.

Allendale - famous of course for its annual Tar Bar’l celebrations each new year as well as being host to several other unique features - has been named on a list by The Guardian that praises locations for their uniqueness.

The village is also home to a science-fiction museum including what has now become a world-famous Dalek, which further proves just why Allendale features on the list.

Although the location appears on the list for its quirky features, the town itself is a popular location for both tourists and locals alike.

Simon Watson, who recently became owner of The Golden Lion pub in the town, explained why he thought Allendale was a fantastic place to live and work.

“It’s got an atmosphere when you arrive in Allendale,” said Simon.

“Its an extremely picturesque little village.

“We’ve seen nothing but friendly people - the welcome has been outstanding.”

The county councillor for South Tynedale, Colin Horncastle, also added why he believed the town was named on the list:

“It’s nice for a small village and the community to be named in a national newspaper under what circumstances, but Allendale certainly is a rather unusual place,” added Coun. Horncastle.

“We’ve got some unusual customs like the Tar Bar’ls and you’ve got an awful lot of groups who all gel together really well.

“It’s a really friendly place - yes there are some eccentric individuals who live in Allendale - but that’s what makes the place work.”

The Tar Bar’ls were one of the major talking points when Allendale made the list, however one of the organisers - John Lister - said the event should be described in a different way.

“Everybody regards being part of the Tar Bar’ls as an honour”, he added.

“Colourful would be a better word for it.”