A chamber of trade member of a Tynedale town has been pleased with the opening day of business following the easing of lockdown.

Eleanor Clark, from the Haltwhistle Chamber of Trade, said she was delighted with the way the town has responded after locations such as non-essential shops, pubs and hair salons were able to re-open for the first time since December.

“I’ve been in working behind the scenes over the last few weeks and the street’s been quiet,” said Eleanor

“But it’s been a lot busier today, so that is a good sign, but it’ll take a while to build up and people to get out and about again.

“Hopefully everyone’s been busy!

“I’ve seen on Facebook a lot of the cafes have been busy as well, so hopefully it’s just getting people back out and back into the habit of shopping again instead of sitting at home.

Eleanor, who also runs the Armstrong Fashion & Bridal shop in the town, also added on how the shop’s opening day of trade has gone.

“I’ve had a lot of customers through this morning - it’s been good!,” she added.

“I’ve been steady – most people have been to the hairdressers today more than anything but it will take time to build up and everything.

“I want people to come out and shop local more because its been really hard – most shops have been shut seven months over the last year so it’s been a long time."