THE Conservatives have pledged to create thousands of new jobs if they retain power at the local elections in May. a

Jobs and investment is a top priority on the party’s pre-election manifesto, which has now been published.

It reads: “We will create thousands of new jobs in Northumberland by attracting major employers offering highly skilled and well paid work.

“We will also invest up to £100 million to regenerate our town centres across the county.”

The Tories have also pledged to invest £100 million in local schools, with education another issue at the top of their priority list.

The manifesto continues: “Our schools have shot up the national league tables under Conservative leadership.

“We are investing £100 million in schools and facilities to ensure that pupils in the county continue to benefit from great educational opportunities.”

The investment doesn’t stop there, with further pledges to spend £120 million on roads and pavements, create 2,000 new parking spaces in Northumberland, and spend £60 million in parks and leisure.

Climate change is also a top priority for the Conservatives.

The manifesto added: “Friends of the Earth recognise Northumberland County Council as one of the cleanest and greenest.

“Our multi-million pound investment in local projects will continue to support our target of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030.”