Walking the 874-mile length of the country virtually for a good cause would be a big enough challenge for most of us – but one walker decided to top up the distance to a round number – 1,000 miles.

Sarah Parker, from Hexham completed her mammoth walking challenge last week to raise money for a charity close to her heart – Tynedale Hospice at Home.

She had originally planned to complete a walk equivalent to the distance between Land’s End and John O’ Groats, but quickly decided to increase the target to make it 1,000 miles.

“It’s good that I’ve finished it,” said Sarah.

“It’s a bit flat really and it’s a bit like what am I going to do now?

“I’m pleased I’ve done it and pleased I’ve done within the three months.

“I really didn’t know if I would or not.

"I was planning to take a year to do it, but yes, it’s a good feeling.”

Despite the extra miles, Sarah said that she simply couldn’t stop herself from walking the distance.

“With the virtual challenge, you put your miles in a leaderboard every night so it got a little bit competitive.

“I went from doing six miles per day to some days doing 22 miles just to get back into the position.

“I ended up finishing the original target on March 17 and I finished in 13th position out of 2,700 entrants – I think it was.

“You get a year to do it, but if you finished it by the end of March you got a gold medal where if you did it by the year you just got a silver medal.

"I’m not competitive or anything!

“I thought I’d up the miles and finish for the May but I then thought I’d finish before I go back to work.”

The challenge Sarah had set herself became even more of a personal one after a family member was diagnosed with cancer.

“Unfortunately my brother-in-law was diagnosed (with cancer) so that’s why I decided to do this," she said.

“They’ve really helped not just him but my sister and the kids too.

"Obviously it has made it more personal this time.”

To read more about Sarah’s story, head to: www.https://www.givepenny.com/lands-end-to-john-o-groats