I want to send a huge thank you to Olivia for raising the issue of confidence around growing up with ginger hair.

So many of her comments resonated so deeply with me.

It’s not necessarily overt bullying that causes the damage so much as the constant little digs and name calling.

I too was told by the adults around me that they thought it was beautiful, but unlike Olivia, I was unable to articulate the damage to my confidence due to my hair colour.

Going on into adult life it seems still to be acceptable to make derogatory comments about people with ginger hair in the work place and even some of the media seem to think red heads are easy prey.

Similar comments about skin colour, sexual orientation or race are not considered acceptable, so why is is acceptable to make someone feel like they are subnormal just because of their hair colour?

I feel so sad and angry that 40 years on, children are still being subjected to this behaviour.