Northumberland Conservatives are pushing a green vision ahead of local elections on May 6.

The Conservative manifesto for the county states: “our multi-million pound investments will continue to support our target of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030.”

Council leader Glen Sanderson said he was “proud” of the council’s record on climate change and environmental initiatives.

He claimed that people “laughed” at him with the council initiative to offer the people of Northumberland 15,000 tree saplings but that it “worked really well” before some deliveries had to be suspended due to Covid-19

The manifesto also pledges to “deliver in excess of two thousand new parking spaces in Northumberland. This will ensure that residents and shoppers can go about their lives much easier and will support our growing tourism trade.”

According to Morpeth Kirkhill councillor Richard Wearmouth, these car parks, which would encourage private car use, would not negatively impact Conservative climate objectives.

Coun. Wearmouth also stated that public transport issues are being addressed with the Northumberland line.