A QUICK-THINKING dog owner who helped to stop venom from a snake bite hitting his dog’s vital organs has warned other animal lovers.

Jordan Hunter and partner Megan West had stopped for a birthday picnic while at Kielder Water with 4-year-old Hungarian Vizsla standard poodle cross Koda when the dog was bitten by an adder.

Initially, Koda didn’t really react, leading the couple to believe she had only seen the snake - not been bitten by it. But over 7km away from the car and with no phone signal, Koda’s condition deteriorated on the walk back.

“She’s a lively dog, instantly we thought she’s not right”, said Jordan, who carried the dog hooked over his neck while Megan ran ahead to get the car. “The dog’s face was all swollen up. Her head whilst we were walking was dropping, she was panting through her mouth as if she was struggling to breathe through her nose.”

Jordan explained that with a snake bite, the main thing is to stay as still as possible. The less you move the greater chance of survival, as less blood circulates and less venom spreads. He also said keeping the dog warm was key - so the body does not try and push blood through, spreading the poison quicker.

Koda was taken to Scott Mitchell Associates, Hexham, where the team’s response was praised. Jordan added: “The staff were unbelievable. I can not thank them enough for what they’ve done.”

Koda was given a dose of anti-venom, which can be dangerous to the kidneys, was put on a drip and vets tracked the spread of the venom by shaving patches of her hair.

Jordan said: “Koda is now absolutely fine, she couldn’t be happier! It’s not about Koda as such, it’s about other dogs. Luckily, I knew what I was doing - we were very lucky in every single thing that we did.

“From my experience, stay away from longer grass. If you’re going to have a picnic, go to somewhere where it’s nice and open, short grass. We went for a nicer spot because it was untouched, stick to the beaten path.

“Just be vigilant. If your dog is acting strange and you’re in them sort of areas, it could possibly be a snake bite so don’t even hesitate and don’t let it move. Look after it like it’s your life.”