A GROUP of local Hexham residents have announced their campaign for May’s local elections with the launch of a website.

OpenHexham aims to replicate the success seen in other parts of the country by adopting the principles of ‘flatpack democracy’ to ensure a group of residents unbound by party political dogma are elected to Hexham Town Council.

In place of a party manifesto, the group has published its ‘Ways of Working’, committing its candidates to the core principles of independence, integrity, positivity, creativity and respect.

Speaking as the website was launched, OpenHexham candidate, Charlie Giaretta (26) said: “We are really pleased how everyone has pulled together to get the website content ready in time for the community in Hexham to see it well before voting.

"You can read all about the candidates, our aims of keeping party politics out of local decision-making and how people can get involved. We are always looking for more candidates and helpers, so get in touch to find out more.”

Details of the group’s field of indepedent candidates will be announced in due course.

More at www.openhexham.org.uk