Readers of the Hexham Courant online took to social media to share their views on a reader’s letter which claimed Ovingham Bridge was not fit for purpose and needed demolishing.

GAIL WARD SAID: “Totally agree. Demolish it and start with a lovely stone structure, more fitting.”

KATHERINE FLETCHER SAID: “Nothing wrong with the bridge. It’s a bridge. If you’re incapable of crossing it, go round. My basic knowledge is if cars are over more than half way and people waiting at other side, you wait. If less than half, you join the traffic. Always pull up far enough so you can see and they can see you. It’s that simple.”

SUSAN SIBBALD SAID: “It’s all about money!”

YVONNE HARRISON SAID: “I lived in Ovingham for years and used the bridge daily, would hate to be without a bridge. It is a long way round to get to Prudhoe. I had a puncture on the bridge once!! and by did that course trouble...”

DEBRA LAWSON SAID: “No problems at all with the bridge. The lack of etiquette frustrates me though.”