Although the hospitality industry has faced quite possibly its most difficult period for many years, one business in the region has made the most of a difficult situation.

The Brew Bar in Haltwhistle has turned to offering their products via a delivery service due to the restrictions that have been in place with enormous success.

“We had to think outside the box,” said Ashleigh Jackson, who runs the bar with husband Sam.

“It all started when we were on a walk last Easter and Sam just came up with the idea and we thought lets just get on with it and go for it. We started our delivery service on May 4 2020.”

As well as drinks, the Brew Bar also decided to offer their own pizzas as part of the service, with both sets of products proving extremely popular with customers in the local area.

Although the bar was able to reopen last summer after restrictions began to ease, the third national lockdown meant the Brew Bar had to again offer the service, but again the customers were happy to keep receiving their goods.

“The second time around it was November 9 when we started again,” added Ashleigh.

“New Years Day was maybe our busiest day.

“We did from midday to 9pm with orders!

“It’s been exciting for people I think, ordering something and getting it delivered.

“The thought of that to have in the house and then it kind of just took off. It was quite nice thinking your giving someone else something to look forward to.

The delivery service saw the business regularly sell a range of products, although Ashleigh went on to comment what she believed were the favourites amongst their customers.

“Cocktails and the draught been have been the most popular products,” said Ashleigh.

“You can make cocktails at home but it’s not the same is it? And it’s the same with the draught beer, unless you’ve got a draught machine in your house!

“I think because we live in a really rural area people think its amazing it’s here.

“It’s not just a pub with burger and chips or fish and chips, it’s something a bit different. “It’s not expensive and it’s affordable. That’s what people want.

“(The bar) is kind of middle of the road. It does for everyone.

“Every single week for example, we’ve had a woman order a pizza and a drink. It’s just lovely. If you think, she’s been looking forward to that all week.

“It’s just nice. Some people generally haven’t seen anyone for weeks and weeks. It’s been good.”