A PRUDHOE Town Councillor and mayor is making a plea to drivers to be vigilant and take extra care now that children have returned to school.

It comes following a recent incident outside a local school.

Coun. Tracy Gilmore said: "I would urge everyone to be alert to the fact that children will be excited to be reunited with their friends and will not be fully concentrating on their surroundings.

"Parking outside our schools is problematic at the best of times, so please take extra care now.

"There is a car park on Fair View which is a short walk away from three schools. Please consider parking here and walking the short distance to the school gates.

"Reversing out of parking bays into the path of children, especially those so small in nursery, is dangerous. I would ask that parents and carers reverse park into the bays so that they have a clear sight when driving out.

"All of the above may take a few moments more in our already busy schedule but it will ensure the safety of our children."