A RETIRED mathematics advanced skills teacher has had a book published which will help struggling people of all ages and abilities to feel confident with the subject.

Ann Moore, of Stocksfield, has described ‘Maths Untangled’ as ‘a colourful, all-inclusive holiday break from number nightmares’.

“My book takes you from scary to simple to find your inner masterful mathematician”, said Ann. “It is designed for grandparents, parents, children or anyone who believes they are not good at mathematics or can never be; you too, can overcome your fears and misunderstandings of the subject.”

She added: “Over my thirty plus years of teaching, I have learnt to live with the glazed expressions at parties, or when meeting new people, when they asked what I did for a living. It was always either a conversation stopper or often followed by “I was never any good at mathematics.” Parents of students often repeated that very same phrase which spurred me on to break an acceptance that being bad at mathematics was not on a par with poor literacy.

“I have never professed to be a great mathematician myself; I struggled with the subject at the higher levels at school, so perhaps that helped me to have empathy with my students. I realised the need to be creative, understanding, patient and persistent.

“My proudest moments have always been when students with predicted lower grades achieved that magical pass grade, the ‘light bulb moments,’ on realising the subject was not as mystical as it appears.”

On retirement, Ann began writing her book. “Education is a right, not a privilege”, she said. “Numeracy is as fundamental a skill as literacy, especially in this digital and technological age. It is essential we counter that old chestnut, “I was never any good at mathematics”, and not perpetuate it.”

The book uses pictures, colours, pattern and humour to simplify material.

Ann began her career in mathematics, by chance, and has taught in Birmingham, as a numeracy consultant for the education authority, across the North-East as an advanced skills teacher and in 2009, was appointed part-time to the PGCE course at Newcastle University and later the Teach-Direct teacher training scheme.

‘Maths Untangled’ is available in bookshops and on Amazon or via this link https://www.shieldcrest.co.uk/product/maths-untangled-by-ann-moore/ Ann can also be contacted directly.