British beef consumers will soon be able to enjoy more environmentally friendly, better quality meat on their plates, thanks to the world’s first smart, data-driven beef contract.

In a development which is set to transform the British beef industry, tech company Breedr has partnered with beef processor Dunbia to launch the UK’s first ever long-term contract based on lifetime animal data.

With price certainty giving producers confidence to invest, and the data used to improve efficiencies throughout the supply chain, this will not only reduce the industry’s environmental footprint but also improve the consistency and quality of the beef on your plate.

Founded in 2018, the UK company raised £2.2m in funding led by LocalGlobe, and with support from Innovate UK has quickly become one of the national’s leading agri-tech companies. It now has plans to roll its digital platform out worldwide, revolutionising global livestock supply chains.

According to Ian Wheal, founder of Breedr, if every beef farmer in the UK used the free app to its potential the industry would save 3.6m tonnes of feed – worth £650m – a year and significantly reduce the sector’s carbon footprint. Cattle would finish five months earlier, and 24% more would hit the target specification, improving the consistency and quality of beef.

“Beef prices are notoriously volatile, and yet farmers have to invest in stock which won’t be sold for at least 18 months – there are no risk management options,” he adds. “Until now: By making better use of data farmers can buy and sell with transparency, predict growth rates, and know that they’re supplying the processor with what they want – ensuring a secure end market and price.”

The contract with Dunbia is worth more than £130m to British beef producers over the next seven years, and offers lifetime pricing as well as a bonus if the market moves in the producer’s favour. Rearers can also opt to be paid on a per kg growth basis, eliminating the need for capital outlay on youngstock.

Andrew Smyth, head of procurement at Dunbia, explains: “Through working with Breedr we are supporting our beef supply base to adapt to future challenges, helping deliver a consistent product to our customers and building innovation, increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact.”

The world’s first digital exchange for livestock, Breedr is already enabling a change in British farming, with over 2,000 members and 120,000 registered animals. It recently launched a data-based live trading platform, enabling producers to buy and sell from other farmers with certainty.