A Hexham grandmother is on course to complete her tough walking challenge to raise money to provide water for people living in third world countries.

Rosemary Theobalds (80) has decided to walk 10,000 steps a day, every day throughout Lent to raise money for Cafod’s (Catholic Agency For Overseas Development) Walk for Water.

Rosemary said: “I’m keeping up with at least 10 thousand steps a day, some days I walk on my own and others I walk with a friend.

“Sometimes it’s been really sunny and nice to be out walking.”

Rosemary, who has eight children and 19 grandchildren, said she had been discovering different routes.

“I have been discovering bridlepaths and footways that I had never walked before.

“I think when I get to the end [of the challenge] I won’t want to stop.”

Rosemary, who lives in Low Burswell, had watched Cafod’s video of a man named Abdella (23) who lives in Afar in Ethiopia and has to walk 10 hours a day to get water.

The money Cafod raise will go towards helping to bring clean, fresh water for those in need, including by being able to install solar-powered water pumps.

So far, Rosemary has raised £3,025 and walked over 200,000 steps.

Each solar-powered water system is about £700, Rosemary said, meaning possibly four villages could benefit.

“The fundraising is going extremely well.”

“My first target was £200 because I thought it would just be my family and friends donating,” Rosemary said.

“To have raised that amount is very gratifying.”

Rosemary has been logging her steps each day on her donation page, along with short updates on where she has walked.

She said the thought of Abdella has kept her going on her walks.

“If I have been doing a lot of uphill I think of Abdella and it enables me to put one foot in the front of the other.

“I couldn’t even stop when I think of him.”

Rosemary wants to raise awareness on what it is like to live in Ethiopia and the struggle that people like Abdella have to go through everyday.

“Often I find in developing countries they say ‘we are grateful for your money but we really like to know about this and know about what’s our life life’,” Rosemary said.

Rosemary has been heavily involved in the local community and has been a key member of various charities helping local homeless, disadvantaged and disabled groups.

To donate, visit https://walk.cafod.org.uk/fundraising/10000-steps-for-lent.

To learn more about Cafod and the Walk for Water, visit https://cafod.org.uk/Fundraise/Walk-for-Water.