BREATHING new life into products and materials and making a small contribution to safeguarding the environment - that's the aim of a new project seeking charity status.

Angie Scott, who is a Prudhoe Town Councillor, has announced she has applied to register Prudhoe Upcycling Project as a charity.

Angie said: "The charity would seek to provide those without work, vulnerable or isolated adults and young people with purpose, transferable skills, confidence, team working, motivation, communication skills, creativity and hope.

"The project will help reduce the feelings of isolation and loneliness exacerbated amongst the community by the restrictions of Covid 19. We will welcome all who wish to take part, particularly those who are feeling isolated or vulnerable and volunteers to share their skills.

"Our young people have also suffered greatly from disruption to schooling and Covid restrictions; the project will provide an opportunity for them to gain skills and socialise as well as providing valuable experiences for further education or job opportunities."

The charity's aim is to establish a hub in Prudhoe which will provide a space for people to work on items contributed by the public and turn them into desirable, saleable goods. The goods would be sold both online and in person at the Prudhoe hub in future.

Prudhoe Youth Charity Shop, Angie's family and neighbours have donated items so far, with volunteers working from home to refurbish the goods.

She added: "We have tested the idea and sold several refurbished items, so we believe it's a winner."