A TEAM of talented hair stylists are celebrating after having been nominated in a prestigious company competition.

It comes at a time where the hairdressing industry remains closed to the public and is eagerly awaiting the turn of the month to reopen to clients.

Staff at Saks Hexham, on Priestpopple, have been nominated across numerous categories in the annual Saks Awards, with the Tyne Valley-based business one of just eight Saks salons in the UK to be up for Saks Hair Salon of the Year, pipping over 100 other branches to the post.

The award is based on criteria such as team dynamic, client satisfaction, salon atmosphere, hairdressers’ work, hair courses and social media presence.

Meanwhile, the company’s franchisee Andrea Currah is listed for Saks Stylist Achievement – an award she has run seven-years running – and is judged on commitment to the Saks brand, client satisfaction and photographic work.

Emma Brown, and Jess Smith who last year was awarded Intermediate Barbering Apprentice, along with Hannah Porter are also amongst the finalists and are in the running for Saks Hair Styling Image in recognition of a photo of expertly-styled hair and use of products and or tools.

And if that wasn’t enough, Shannon Currah is also listed in the Saks Hair Colour Image category, which praises images of colour work, use of colour to emphasise perfect hair cut and show of technical skill.

The salon, which opened in the town in 2002, is no stranger to success and has developed a good reputation over the years, seeing its team not only recognised for their talent but also their fund-raising efforts.

The date of the Saks Awards final is yet to be announced, but a virtual ceremony is expected to be held later in the year.

For much of 2020, the industry was in a state of limbo and after months of DIY haircuts, Tynedale rejoiced when professional salons reopened, only for them to close a mere four months later.

At the time, Andrea Currah said: “I feel heartily sorry for all my hair and beauty comrades that have worked so hard at making their business Covid-19 safe.”

But with the announcement that hairdressers can, hopefully, soon reopen, the salon said on social media: “Thrilled about the twelfth of April!

“Yup, because we are all doing our bit. Reopening is now a thing.

“Watch this space for info on bookings. You know the drill… it goes without saying that if you missed out you’ll be prioritised and, of course, we’ll get everyone back in just as soon as we can.

“Can’t wait.”