It has long been said that Hexham is an impenetrable Conservative stronghold.

To a large extent, this has proven to be true.

Unfortunately, it is an unwillingness on the part of some to consider the alternatives that has led to the utter chaos of a Conservative-led county council and the cronyism, corruption and unashamed law-breaking we now see at national level.

In addition, the dogged, self-defeating pursuit of an extreme Brexit with all its negative consequences for businesses and individuals makes a political realignment more urgent than ever.

We have an opportunity to vote for better in May’s local elections.

Hexham is full of progressive, outward-looking, selfless individuals who for too long have been forced to endure the excesses and incompetence of Conservative governance.

Hexham deserves better.

We do not have to accept the status quo as the best we can hope for.

Let’s vote for change.