Many people are carrying out random acts of kindness for others today in memory of Ponteland teenager Charlie Pope.

Charlie (19) tragically died in a Manchester city centre canal following a night out on March 1 2018.

His parents, Andria and Nick, are encouraging people to do kind gestures and share them on social media using #CharliesGoodDeedDay.

They came up with the idea ahead of the first anniversary of his death.

"Approaching his first anniversary, we didn’t know what to do or how to get through the day," Andria said.

"We were trying to think about what can we do to survive the day.

"We thought 'let’s do something positive'."

They thought about doing random acts of kindness, and when they told friends and family members what they were doing, many wanted to join in for Charlie.

People from all across the UK shared their acts of kindness, such as donating to food banks. One young girl made soup to give to homeless people, Andria said.

"It really helped us get through this day.

"It’s our saddest day but there were beautiful things going on.”

This year, despite the current lockdown restrictions, many people have shown they can still do good deeds for others.

People have handed out daffodils, left plants and candles on others' doorsteps, made biscuits, and paid for the next person's coffee in a drive-thru. 

"It’s very overwhelming," Andria said.

"It’s just lovely to think of all these people smiling and it’s just heartwarming."