A Northumberland village appears to have finally had their power cut issues resolved after work was carried out by Northern PowerGrid.

Residents in and around Bardon Mill have for several weeks complained of a number of power failures affecting properties on several occasions, although these appear now to have been repaired after a further incident on Monday saw 30 homes lose power for a large part of the day.

However work has now been carried out to repair a damaged part of the overhead power network, which is hoped to have fixed the power issues altogether.

“We know that customers in the Bardon Mill area have experienced disruption to their power supplies recently due to a transient fault on the network and this repair should prevent any further disruption,” said a spokeswoman for Northern PowerGrid.

“We know there’s been some disruption in the area occasionally over the last few weeks also, so we’re hoping those issues should now be resolved as a result of the repair too.

“The fault on Monday was an insulator that appeared to have shattered and we believe the problems people have been having recently have been connected to that same issue and our sensors hadn’t detected what was going on.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”