If you haven’t noticed, a lot of the news around at the moment is somewhat negative, so this weekend we asked you for your good news and you didn’t disappoint.  

From helping others to starting new projects, celebrations to special announcements, here are 10 snippets of news guaranteed to make you smile from our Facebook followers.

1) Glynis Ozzy Irving Bell said: “The wonderful Hexham hospital cat Yang Bell is back on his meet and greets after all the horrible weather. He’s back making people smile.


2) Marjorie Bell said: “I just got the most beautiful great grandson Frankie.”


3) Julie Pendleton said: “I entertained a WI group in Cheshire using Zoom. It has been a whole year since I’ve been able to do it. It was wonderful to be singing again.”


4) Karen Ridley said: “I gave the plenary speech at the amazing Academic Archers (online) conference on Saturday morning.”


5) Alison Wood said: “I'm running my Slimming World groups virtually & helping members to lose weight during lockdown, getting slimmer, fitter & healthier!”


6) Sue Ballantine said: “After my dad Freddy had a heart attack in the early hours of New Year’s Day, he was rushed in to the Freeman hospital and had stents put in. He then came out of hospital and developed COVID which delayed his recovery. We are happy to say now he is on the mend and doing well last week he had his Covid vaccine so fingers crossed we can all get back to normal soon.”


7) David Wilson said: “Lockdown 1.0 put a delay on the launch of my Northumberland walking guide, but It's out now and it's a bestseller. People seemingly can't wait to explore the area again!”


8) Clare Mwande said: “Brand new bathrooms have been installed at Hexham Community Centre Playgroup (a pre-school). They’ve just been finished this half term - completed by Commercial Industrial Interiors and Stephen Pickering. Who knew toilets could look 'cute'! Absolutely amazing!


9) Gemma Brown said: “I adopted two gorgeous rabbits from the RSPCA this week. They are called Tinkerbell and Flora and they will join our other two rescued guinea pigs. Happy 'Love your Pet day'. Adopt don't Shop.”


10) Annie Ball said: “I just started a home recording online course and recorded my first song which is an arrangement of an old Matt McGinn song, he died 40 years ago and is a legend in the folk world but also as a unionist, socialist and teacher.”


Have you got any more positive news stories? Let us know via our Facebook and Twitter pages!