EARLY summer will see the realisation of an £180,000 concrete skate park, at Prudhoe’s Highfield Park – something the young people of the town have dreamed of for several years.

In January 2019, Prudhoe Town Council committed funds towards the redevelopment of the site, with another commitment a year later to provide any remaining funds required.

Tenders for the design and build of the park were to be completed by the end of June 2021.

The town council is now ‘extremely excited’ to announce its future partnership with CANVAS Spaces, whose collaborative design and build team is behind some of the most critically acclaimed skate parks in use today.

There were many added value elements to their tender, said the council, but primarily their focus on consultation throughout the project was a key winner, alongside the other projects they have worked on.

The council has already established a small user group, but is keen to develop this further alongside the company.

Current and prospective users and interested parties will be able to access Prudhoe Town Council’s own personal info-hub.

The online communication tool is integral to the design process and follows a ‘consult – design – revise’ model.

And with the impact of the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, the tool is especially useful, taking advantage of its 24-hour access and ability for communication and discussion without the need for face-to-face meetings.

Formed in 2013, CANVAS set out to provide services for clients to realise their vision.

They specialise in the consultation, design and construction of concrete skateparks and public spaces.

Plans to develop the popular park, home to Highfield Fest, were first highlighted by Gary Newton, whose son Josh is a British scooter champion, and who stressed the need for better facilities.