Readers of the Hexham Courant responded in their droves to the question about what they would like to see done in Hexham Town Centre to breathe new life into it.

In recent weeks, the town has lost high profile, national brand shops, much to the dismay of the public.

Lucie Armstrong said: “Hexham needs to be rebranded. Keep big organisations out and keep rents lower for independent traders. It works for Corbridge where rents are lower than Hexham with a high tourist footfall. Independent traders take more pride in their shops and the town centre as shown by some of the great independent shops we have. Hexham is a market town and should be reflected in our town by providing more independent sellers.”

Karen Varty said: “Ohhh I would love to get my hands on it! Local events for families, affordable housing, “make Hexham great again!”

Patricia Barnes said: “Spend the £2.4m on the whole town, not just Priestpopple etc. Buy the old bus station and turn it into a paying car park.”

Wayne Soulsby said: “Get rid of all the road closed, one way signs around the market place and open Hallstile Bank.”

Richard Carr said: “Hexham needs something to bring in more tourists, this should be something better than the Jorvik Centre in York, there’s the best section of Roman Wall not 10 miles away so optimise it in Hexham. Problem is wrong people would be in charge, the local council and Northumberland County Council. Knock the entire Robbs building down for it, multi story carpark in old bus station joined up to M&S one and convert the old Mart Cafe to its original use, leather workshop for another attraction. Better shops would soon move into centre.”

Heather Ord said: “No more charity shops.”