THE construction of a new roundabout on the A69 at Hexham reached a major milestone as the boundary walls were in construction.

Readers of the Hexham Courant commented on the latest update on the road upgrade.

Alistair Clark said: “It’s not like it was a accident hotspot! Should have definitely been spent dualling further toward Carlisle.”

Chris Howdon said: “Can I ask how many people are actually doing the construction work? It has to be the slowest construction I’ve ever heard of.”

Carolin Blaske said: “Monumental waste of money - and no provision for pedestrians or cyclists.”

David Grundey said: “Work out the climate change implications. The present UK road building programme will cause climate change against savings by 80 per cent of proposed electric cars for the next 20 years. Here in Derby we have two schemes, total £230m; one is on a junction which was upgraded only eight years ago.”

Lyn Murray said: “Can’t believe all that money spent to save three minutes, then to still find single carriageway just up the road all the way to Carlisle.”

Christopher Malcolm Sim said: “It will just add to the crashes further up, ie, Acomb junction and the Two Mile then the single lane each way disaster comes to mind. I hope I am wrong.”

John Howdon said: “Should have built a roundabout at the Two Mile Cottage, then carried the dual carriageway way on. Most of the old road is still there. Why can’t it be reused?”