READERS of the Hexham Courant online took to social media to share their views on whether they'd carry a vaccine passport if it meant they could travel to abroad or to the pub.

ALYSON LECK SAID: "To be allowed to travel safely is a decent request I'd say. If you don't wish to be vaccinated so be it but there are consequences to everyone not just to yourself...think of that."

SUSAN SIBBALD SAID: "Yes I would. But I’ve also not broken a single rule in an attempt to get the country back to normal as soon as possible. We need to work together."

MARK CLAY SAID: "Bit of a no brainer."

JO CURRY SAID: "Where is todays freedom to come and go as you please? You have an entire country being told what to do and where you can and can't go, so being told you're not allowed in a restaurant, cinema or public house is against our human rights and the last time I checked it was passed just before Xmas that the Government could not do this. If you want the vaccine then so be it but don't force it upon others."