Although 2020 was a tough year for everyone, a Tyne Valley business was booming with business despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Errington Reay Pottery based in Bardon Mill had its busiest year to date in 2020, despite the two lockdowns the nation faced, much to the surprise of manager Karl Jacques

“In mid-March when the pandemic hit it was a worrying time for everyone,” said Karl.

“I don’t think anyone really knew what was going to happen over the next few months and how it was going to affect us all.”

Despite being closed from when the first lockdown was announced in March until the middle of May, the business then saw an extremely busy summer, which Karl believed was due to the travel restrictions the country faced.

“We were closed from mid-March until the middle of May then strangely we actually had a really good few months,” he added.

“It was our best year to date in terms of customers which is really surprising considering the circumstances. The shop was unbelievably busy at times!

“I think that happened because of the fact people weren’t going on holiday, so a lot of it came from customers who were focusing on their gardens and spending money on them instead of a trip away.”

Currently the business employs 13 members of staff - all of which are set to continue with the business despite the pandemic - and Karl admitted this was something he’s been very pleased about.

“We’ve managed to keep everybody on who’s worked here which is great,” he added.

“Everyone here is all part of the great team we’ve got. A few people have been and currently are on a flexible furlough system, but hopefully we can bring everyone back full time over next few weeks.”

“A lot of people I’ve spoke to who own small businesses seem to have the attitude of just getting on with it and found ways of adapting. Everyone is pulling their socks up as they say and we’re another one of those for sure.”

The business both imports and creates a range of pottery on site, with business over the last 12 months having been from all over the UK.

“Especially this year, we’ve had a lot of trade all over the place,” added Karl.

“Everywhere from down South to Scotland we’ve had someone buy something off us.”

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