An injured swan which was rescued from Tyne Green on Monday has been euthanised.

Blyth Wildlife Rescue, which took the bird off the water with support from the RSPCA, announced the news on its Facebook page last night.

"Following assessment with our vet yesterday, it was found that the whooper swan from Tyne banks had a severely infected open fracture of the wing.

"The swan was euthanised after it was deemed that there was no possibility of recovery from the injury or subsequent infection.

"The swan would have been in a lot of pain, and had it survived, would not have been a candidate for a release in the wild, which is our ultimate aim.

"The likelihood of recovering from infections that have spread to bones are slim.

"The swan was identified over a month ago and given the length of time the bird was injured, and the bacteria that it would have been exposed to with an open fracture and the riverbanks it was living on, the infection had understandably, spread.

"We managed to capture the bird within 24 hours following being notified about its condition.

"The decision was made in the best interests of the animal, and whilst decisions such as these are difficult and incredibly sad, the most important thing to us is animal welfare and we will always endeavour to relieve suffering, rehabilitating with the aim of release into the wild, where possible."

The swan had generated a lot of interest and community support after it had been spotted injured on Tyne Green's waters.