‘WHO has been sleeping in my bed?’, asked well-known transport boss Nigel Baynes in 2009.

For Nigel was in full character as lead role Goldilocks as Allendale Drama Group entertained the audience with its version of the popular tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Allendale Village Hall reverberated with laughs as local personalities were seen like never before, with Nigel throwing himself into the role of Goldilocks to great effect!

He/She did face the wrath of fellow Allendale residents Peter Carter, Sue Mills and Chris Fairless, aka Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear, as well as little bears Sebastian Hudson and Aaron Walker after he/she ate their porridge, sat on their chairs and slept in their beds!

The production also featured the Nenthead Naughties, with Sheila Brooks playing the role as Sheriff, Paul Murphy as the Mayor, Margaret Stonehouse as the Queen and Stuart Walker as Wilf.

Other main characters included Slick Dick, played by Ian Thompson, and May Dick, performed by Nicola Graham.

Helen Brooks took on the role of Lavinia Larke, and Kim Kozlowski starred as Simle Simon.

There were also key roles for Cailean Stewart, Sophie Milburn, Samantha Hutchinson, Jamie Ross, Hannah and Grace Bryson-Jones.

The production was a big hit with the crowd so we have delved back into our archives to pull out the pictures of the star display.

And just for good measure, we have included other images of the group’s production of The Little Mermaid, another crowd pleaser from the cast.