A TRANSGENDER man living in the district is seeking life-changing surgery.

Jordan Blackwood, of Prudhoe, has been having testosterone injections since July and is now attempting to raise enough funds for gender-affirming surgery.

“It’s been a difficult time”, said Jordan on living with gender dysphoria.

“On the one hand, I lived periods of my life trying to bury my true self down so hard to prevent the bullying. On the other hand, not living as who I was made me even more miserable.

"I got my first buzz cut at 12 years old, I was so happy with it. Then when I went to school, I got put in bins and kicked around the school field for something that made me feel so confident. It left me feeling so confused and why am I like this? Why can’t I just like what the girls in my year like?

“I never knew what trans was growing up, so I didn’t have a name for what I was feeling - the first time I allowed myself to say the words out loud I was 22.”

The retail supervisor has now described surgery as the ‘only option’.

He said: “It will allow me to align who I am on the outside, with who I am on the inside. It will allow me to be able to be seen as who I am, and allow me to live my life without needing to explain myself and my identity.”

Jordan currently has to bind his chest to present as more masculine - a process which can have severe health implications - but having privately funded jabs has already gone a long way in improving daily life.

“The moment I came out of the GP following my first jab, it was like I could finally feel myself moving forward towards the man I have always been on the inside”, he said.

“Within a few weeks, my voice had already begun to drop in tone and just that alone was enough to prove to me that this was the only option for me.”

Jordan explained that apart for his father ‘disowning’ him, his transition has been met with nothing but love, acceptance and support from family, including wife Eleanor, a teaching assistant at Hexham Priory School. Jordan’s employer Toolstation, Burn Brae Medical and the local community are also accepting.

However, the major barrier is finance. Despite treatment being available on the NHS, ‘underfunding’ and ‘overstretched’ services translate to long wait times while private clinics’ higher costs allow for quicker appointments, they come at a referral alone of £1,000.

Jordan would be extremely grateful to anyone who felt they could contribute in some way.

He added: “I understand that finances are tight for all, both my wife and I work full time and have little to put aside for this treatment. I am so unbelievably grateful to anyone who can spare even the smallest donation, as each little bit gets me closer to being able to live a full and authentic life.”

Donations to: https://www.gofundme.com/f/please-help-me-achieve-top-surgery?