A GILSLAND-BASED arts, culture and wellbeing organisation has been encouraging people to get involved in preparations for a major historical celebration.

Green Croft Arts, a non-profit organisation sited right on Hadrian’s Wall, has been encouraging people to share their ideas on how best to celebrate the 1,900th anniversary of the beginning of the historic wall’s construction.

Hadrian’s Wall, which stretches 73 miles from Wallsend near Newcastle to Bowness-on-Solway west of Carlisle, is recognised globally as one of the best-known remnants of Roman history.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, some of the best-preserved sections of Hadrian’s Wall lie along the section in the Gilsland area, including Birdoswald fort and the Poltross Burn milecastle.

Construction of the world-famous Wall began in AD 122, following a visit to Britain by Roman emperor Hadrian in that year.

Already, people are turning their minds to how the 1,900th anniversary of the beginning of the Wall can best be marked next year.

Amanda Drago and Kit Haigh, both directors of the Green Croft Arts organisation, have been encouraging people to get involved in planning for the celebrations to mark the anniversary.

Green Croft Arts sits on the planning group of the festival now being planned to celebrate the 1,900th anniversary of Hadrian’s Wall.

Amanda and Kit explained on their website that as an arts organisation located directly on the Wall, they were “interested in working in partnership or collaborating with other artists on ideas and projects.”

They added that “2022 is a hugely important year for Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site as it marks the 1,900th anniversary of the commencement of its construction."

They explained that initial plans were now being formed for next year’s festival, being led by co-ordinating producers Maddie Maughan and Ellie Turner, which be open to anyone who wished to "celebrate the creation of the World Heritage Site in a celebratory and engaging way locally, nationally and internationally to attract new and existing audiences.”