ONE in four North-East drinkers are planning a Dry January, according to new research by Alcohol Change UK.

It comes as Balance and Northumberland County Council encourages friends, families and work colleagues across the county to “try dry”.

People can download the free Try Dry app to track their units, calories and money saved throughout the month and set personalised goals.

A survey by Balance found around 397,000 people in the region have been drinking more since Covid and of those, over 79 per cent are increasing or high risk drinkers.

Northumberland County Council’s director of public health Liz Morgan said: "By cutting down on your alcohol consumption, you can reduce your risk of cancer and other health problems such as heart attacks and strokes, as well as feeling brighter and more alert. Dry January motivates people to consider the amount of alcohol they’re drinking and help them to make a change. I would encourage everyone to take part - there’s a real sense of achievement."