As my letter printed in the Hexham Courant on December 31 was written two weeks earlier out of concern for a possible 'No Deal', I am writing in anticipation of replies.

'Sovereignty' was explained by a member of The House of Lords in the debate on December 24.

Sovereignty in Parliament that is that laws are agreed by the House of Commons and scrutinised and agreed by The House of Lords.

Does the Government, that is 'the executive' plan to get round this by presenting 'Statutory Instruments' to Parliament?

What happens when the current opposition parties have the majority in Parliament?

It took four-and-a-half years to get a deal with the EU and members of both houses said that there was not enough time for scrutiny of the deal.

Is this democratic?

Was this the Government's plan all along?

Don't forget Johnson's Prorogation of Parliament in 2019.

What about the promise on the side of the red bus in 2016 0f £350m per week to the NHS?

As warned by a businessman on Saturday, January 2 2021, there will be costs attached to the deal with the EU, leading to higher prices especially with the increase in bureaucracy with compliance with rules and regulations, with border checks, higher insurance for travellers etc (who said that the EU was too bureaucratic).

What about the losses, of Erasmus for young people, data sharing and membership of Europol which will hinder the police and will other countries outside the EU ask for free movement of labour with trade deals?