PUPILS at one of the district’s schools used their imagination to put on a Covid-compliant nativity in front of an audience.

Just as it was in Bethlehem over two thousand years ago, the winter cold was causing a chill outside Whitfield C of E Primary School.

This time however, cars were used to provide both light and warmth as pupils recreated the birth of Jesus in the school yard.

Parents and carers parked their cars in a circle to create a floodlit amphitheatre, and watched on as the children did them proud.

“We were able to bring hay and a manger,” said teacher Lewis Flanagan. “We also used some battery powered candles and it was very atmospheric. Everyone involved really enjoyed it.

“They thoroughly excelled in this very unique environment. Each child took a goody bag to their respective car afterwards.”

Mr Flanagan explained that with Whitfield being a Church of England school, the annual nativity was a key part of the curriculum.

Headteacher Katherine Ayre came up with idea to hold the event outdoors, in a Covid-compliant manner which enabled parents to attend.

The 26 pupils at Whitfield have also been talking about their wishes for Christmas.

Asked how Santa will get into the house to leave presents, Daniel (6) said: “Down the chimney because a couple of Christmases ago I heard him on the roof!”

Six-year-old Sofia, who hopes to receive roller skates, had a different idea about how Santa goes about his work.

“He gets in his sleigh and uses his magic key to get in the door,” she explained.

Nieveh (4) said her good deeds include tidying up, while cookies would be left out for Father Christmas in the hope he would leave her a pink watch.

When asked what he wants for Christmas, seven-year-old Tommy said: “I asked an elf to see if Santa could get my sister a horse and if I could have a game where I race around a track in a car.”

Tommy said he’d been good both at home and at school, and was planning to leave hot chocolate and some tasty reindeer food out on Christmas Eve.

Monty (8) said he hoped Santa would acknowledge the fact he had earned the kindness award at school. The youngster is hoping for an Xbox.

Eight-year-old Lola said Santa enjoys a well-earned sleep in his chair after Christmas.

Xander (10) said he was looking forward to seeing his dad, while 10-year-old Sylvie looked forward to going on muddy walks on Christmas day.