A CHURCHGOING duck who quacks aloud to the Lord’s Prayer will not be able to fulfil his usual Christmas duties this year.

Smartly dressed Star the Duck became a household name in the Tyne Valley last month, when he was spotted wearing a bow tie in his owner’s car, on Prudhoe High Street.

It later emerged that the nine-year-old Indian Runner duck had become a bit of a celebrity in his native Devon, before moving to Bywell with his owners, Barrie and Sue Hayman.

Star is a regular member of the congregation at St. Peter’s Church in Bywell.

He would usually spend Christmas morning there, before attending a community hub serving meals for the needy, to greet diners and put a smile on their faces.

The popular water bird would then attend the local pub, before finally returning home to spend the rest of the day with Barrie, Sue, and their other pets.

“This year we unfortunately can’t do any of that,” said Sue. “Not least due to the fact that Star doesn’t understanding the concept of social distancing and also refuses to wear a mask!”

Star, and family pup Florence will have presents to open, including more bow ties for Star, who will also enjoy his favourite treat - smoked oysters and a festive tipple. Sue revealed that Star never took to church services via Zoom, and even took exception to restricted services with face masks and no singing. She added: “He left the service around 15 minutes in, hopping off the pew and leaving the church.”

The Hayman's have made the Courant aware of Star appearing in a Christmas video - several years ago when the family was living in Devon. It can be accessed via the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43guQ0dQFIE