Penrith and the Border's MP has said that he will "not give up" the fight to save Newton Rigg College, after a recent strategic review of its future.

Neil Hudson has vowed to continue to work towards saving the Penrith college, following the completion last week of the strategic review into its options.

The review, coordinated by the Further Education Commissioner's office, concluded that neither of the bidding parties were able to meet the expectations and criteria set by the review in order to secure the long-term success of a potential new college or provider for students in the future.

The objectives of the Newton Rigg Strategic Review were to promote the opportunity and test the ability of any interested parties to fund and deliver detailed business plans and proposals for the site.

Dr Hudson said he was "deeply saddened that the strategic review of Newton Rigg College has not been able to approve any of the bids that came forward".

"I have already met with the Further Education Minister to discuss the college and also with the Further Education Commissioner’s Office about the review outcome," he said.

"We have now been given a short window of opportunity to find an alternative solution to the campus.”

Dr Hudson added that he met with both bidders this week, the Hadrian Group and Newton Rigg Ltd.

"I am strongly supportive of what they are doing to secure a future for the campus and encouraging them to work together for a positive outcome.

"I will continue to work closely with them on this. I am meeting with and encouraging stakeholders to also join the cause.”

Dr Hudson said he aimed to "push" the Further Education Commissioner’s Office and Askham Bryan to be "reasonable" when it comes to timescales and the financial implications of the site.

"Askham Bryan as an institution with charitable status have a moral duty to the students and staff and the Cumbrian community, that they agreed to serve educationally in 2011, to facilitate a smooth transition to a new provider," he said.

"They also need to be reasonable in their financial asks, considering they originally acquired the College for a nominal fee.

“I will keep making sure that Government hears loud and clear how important Newton Rigg is to our community, the rural economy, and the wider UK.

“I will not give up. We will not give up. Penrith needs Newton Rigg. Cumbria needs Newton Rigg. The UK needs Newton Rigg.”