A HEADTEACHER praised for saving a struggling school once faced with closure has thanked the local community on his departure.

Tributes have been paid to Darren Glover, former headteacher of Haydon Bridge High School, who left his role at the end of term last Friday.

Mr Glover joined the school in 2017 where he spoke of the schools “huge potential”, and vowed to drive up educational attainment, and help every student realise their potential.

The school has recently been marred by 'Inadequate' Ofsted ratings and complications around the Bright Tribe academy trust chain, but Mr Glover leaves with his head held high.

Parents and teachers joined a virtual meeting on Friday afternoon to thank Mr Glover for his three years in charge at the school.

"I've been proud and honoured to be able to say to people that I'm headteacher at this school," Mr Glover told parents and staff members.

"We've got along way to go as a school still, but it's on the right track.

"I've said to people that the thing that makes a school is the people and what makes this school special is the staff, everybody pulls together.

"In all the schools I've worked in this set of students have been the nicest I've worked with."

The school has benefited after Northumberland County Council spent more than £4m renovating main buildings at Haydon Bridge High School, including improvements at its vocational and sports centre.

Mr Glover added: "You try and think what was the thing that changed the political direction and that was the way every parent and member of the community pulled together and pushed the school forward.

"That's why it's where it is.

"I've got a great deal with really positive memories. I'm sad that I'll miss those things but positive that the school is going in the right direction."