CORONAVIRUS restrictions have forced many charities to change how they operate, amidst some large funding challenges.

Events have been cancelled and other restrictions have also caused significant disruption at a time when charitable services are needed more than ever.

But one Tyne Valley youngster has taken it upon himself to help out in his own way.

The Hexham Courant launched a new campaign in April with the aim of recognising the achievements of those who had gone above and beyond to help those in their communities by naming them bouquet of the week.

This week, the winner is six-year-old Jack Stanforth-Coulson, who has been using his artistic talents to make Christmas Baubles - and all the proceeds go to charity.

Jack is supporting Project Parent, which was set up by his aunt, Kate Stanforth.

The charity was set up in June 2013, and makes up gift boxes for parents of children who are in hospital over Christmas.

It helps families from Newcastle down to Southampton.

Jack’s handmade Christmas baubles are made to order, and cost between 75p and £1.25 - and he’s already raised more than £130 for his chosen cause.

Buyers can chose from four designs - a snowman, a penguin, a unicorn, and a Minion.

Kate explained what Jack has been up to.

She said: “He’s been making them with my mum - his grandma - and he’s raised £130 so far.

“He’s been doing really well, he’s very chuffed with it.

“He’s helped me with the charity ever since he was born really! He’s been helping to pack the Project Parent boxes very year, so he’s got used to growing up with a family of volunteers and helping us out.

“He loves Project Parent a lot - we’ve got pictures of him when he was three.”

Of course, the team’s work has been hampered by the coronavirus pandemic.

The restrictions mean they can’t pack the boxes themselves this year, so extra funding is needed to outsource the task.

Kate continued: “We’re giving 400 boxes this year. We can’t pack them because of COVID, so we have had to raise money to get them outsourced.

“Jack decided he was going to raise money for that.”

And Jack’s artistic talents have impressed his family.

Kate added: “They’re really good! I’m so proud of him.

“He did the snowmen baubles all by himself, but mum has helped him with some of the other designs.

“I love it when they’re volunteering young - you can’t force a six-year-old to help if they don’t want to, but it’s really good that he wants to help people.”

More information on Project Parent can be found at