ON DECEMBER 5, 2015, Storm Desmond battered the entire Tyne Valley, and beyond.

The effects of the flooding were felt throughout the district, with communities devastated by the impact of the flood water with homes, businesses and cars flooded out.

Corbridge has a long history of being flooded and was reeling once again when Storm Desmond wreaked havoc five years ago.

Station Road, a notorious flooding hotspot, was again under metres of water and residents, and the nearby Dyvels pub and The Valley Indian restaurant, were counting the cost of being hit once again.

The clubhouses at Tynedale Cricket Club and Tynedale Rugby Club were destroyed by the water, with the cricket club hatching a cunning plan in future years to put the building on stilts to prevent the devastation repeating.

Work to improve the well-used Ovingham Bridge which connects the village to Prudhoe was severely disrupted as water levels in the River Tyne rose dramatically as a result of the storm.

In fact, there weren't many communities which weren't impacted by the storm waters.

In Hexham, businesses suffered substantial damage when flood water got into their premises.

Stock at Otterburn Mill was damaged due to flood water while the North Tyne valley had to deal with excess rain water too.

Over in the west of the district, the town of Haltwhistle and the village of Haydon Bridge were badly hit by Storm Desmond too.