NORTHUMBRIA police are requesting footage from cycle cams to educate car drivers. As someone who both drives on our local roads and cycles on them, and had a few close calls on my cycle rides around the Commonwealth War Graves over the years, I think that should be mutual.

Our local roads are there for all: drivers, cyclists, equestrians and walkers, and some courtesy needs to be shown by all so we can all get along in our shared space.

Car drivers should give the same space overtaking as they would another car, and dip their lights for bikes and walkers. If I’m cycling and can see round the bend, I signal the car behind to overtake if it’s safe to do so.

This often gets a returned wave from the driver. If the driver gives plenty of room, wave him a thank you! Bikers should take care near horses as they would in a car, but perhaps horse riders might take a shovel; a high speed bike running over a big horse egg can be a bit hairy!

Bikes should always have lights even in daytime. I’ve seen black bikes with riders in dark clothes and helmet with no lights. £1,000s worth of kit and not a £10 lamp? All that’s needed is mutual respect and courtesy.