Plans to improve the cycle network between two areas of the Tyne Valley have been revealed.

The journey between Hexham and Haydon Bridge is regularly achieved by travelling on the A69 – but a new scheme to create new cycle paths could pave the way for a two-wheeled revolution.

After a strong community consultation response Phil Hartley, who is working on the plan, declares there is a strong demand for improved cycling infrastructure in the village.

“Cycling should be made much easier,” he said.

“I cycle into Hexham regularly and the only practical ways to travel are along the A69 or through Newbrough which isn’t the best of routes.”

The group has identified a section of the former A69 road in Haydon Bridge, with plans to create a new cycle path along the route.

Phil added: “Where it reaches Greenshaw Plain there’s a bridle path that comes out at Warden Bridge immediately opposite the existing cycle path.”

Custodians of the National Cycle Network, Sustrans, approve of the plans, Phil said, and are keen to work with the Haydon Bridge group to improve cycling infrastructure.

The cycle network would also increase the profile and economics of Haydon Bridge and the surrounding area, Phil explained.

“It would encourage more people to cycle and is another option for people to commute to work in Hexham.”

Cycling has been high up on Northumberland County Council’s agenda this year after county councillor Cath Homer launched the authority’s vision for cycling and walking in the county.

As part of that application, there is a focus on connecting towns to encourage leisure cycling, tourism and community.