It is one of the most prominent and historic buildings in the village.

But there are concerns that the Falcon Centre in Wylam could fall into disuse and disrepair if residents fall to make the most of it.

However, the Falcon Centre Users Group has been set up in order to find new uses for the building and safeguard its future for generations to come.

The group was formed by members of the Wylam Surgery Users Group, whose proposals to use the Falcon Centre as a GP surgery were shot down.

Member Steve Grinter explained: “The building is getting under-used. It came to the attention of the activists who were concerned about the surgery on Woodcroft Road.

“It got us interested in how we could make use of the Falcon Centre and give it a lease of life.

“We have produced quite a few papers and conducted a communtiy survey, and we have strong majority support for the project to try and transform it into a proper community hub, whilst not detracting from the likes of the Institute.

“We want to ensure a sustainable future for the Falcon Centre.”

The group has a draft constitution and is working towards being fully constituted, where upon it will look for grants to pay for a feasibility study for the site to see what more could be made out of the centre.