The news last year that Hexham’s long-established nightclub would be turned into flats surely caused many people in the town – and indeed across the Tyne Valley – to experience a rush of nostalgia.

Generations of Hexham residents made the pilgrimage to Dontino’s – or Donnies – at the end of countless nights out over the years.

When every other establishment in the town was shutting up shop, the party would continue on the sticky floors of Donnies.

We asked our readers for their favourite memories of the much-maligned club – here’s what you said.

Heather Jackson said: “I loved Thursday night – start of the weekend right through until Sunday. Happy days.”

Malcolm Wood added: “It was always a laugh, bars shutting at 11 so everyone would rush to get to there first before the queue all the way to the bus station.

“There was always someone you knew to talk to if you went in yourself. Good times.”

Of course, the venue did have a not-entirely-undeserved reputation for violence – as some comments attested to.

Melanie Hodkinson wrote: “I was in a few fights there when I was in the police force!” Philippa Carter recalled: “Getting booted out the fire escape 20 years ago for being underage.”

She wasn’t the only one – Angel Hill said: “The worst one was when the bouncers threw me down the stairs because I closed the door upstairs as it was cold.

“I lost both my big toenails!”

Sophie Westgarth added: “I definitely remember falling out the fire exit doors at one point and falling asleep next to the pool table.”

There were plenty of people who fondly recalled the popular baskets of chicken that used to be served, presumably for those people who couldn’t face the long stagger to Amigo’s or Pizza Pizza after the doors were slammed shut.

Of course, it wasn’t just beers and conversation that could be found within the walls of Dontino’s – some people found love.

Rachel Mackenzie said: “Met my husband there nearly 15 years ago and expecting our first baby in three weeks.”

Hazel Barclay added: “I met my hubbie there! Still married after 43 years!

“I met Kirk there as a gorgeous young boy with blonde hair.”

All in all, hundreds of readers shared their memories of the establishment.

Is it too late to ask Northumberland County Council to rethink?